Community Outreach

Arizona Project Safe Neighborhoods


Working in partnership with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the ATF, and the Phoenix and Tucson police departments, Arizonans for Gun Safety is the Community Outreach and Media partner for Project Safe Neighborhoods.  We selected Arizona communities with high rates of gun deaths and injuries to be the focus of our gun violence prevention campaigns.  By focusing the campaigns on a few communities, and saturating them with prevention messages, we hope to have the greatest impact. 

The gun violence prevention campaigns were developed in consultation with law enforcement and community members.  They specifically address Arizona violence issues with these messages:

Community Violence:  “I took back my neighborhood by reporting illegal guns.” espanol

Youth Violence:  “Don’t wait to Speak Up. Report illegal guns. “ espanol

Random Gunfire:  “Celebration gunfire kills.” espanol

Straw Purchasing:  “Buying a gun for HIM isn’t worth 5 years in prison.” espanol

Gun Safety:  “A smart gun owner is a safe gun owner – Always store your gun unloaded in a safe place, Always lock up your gun and bullets separately and Always use a gunlock.”  espanol
The tagline of all campaign materials (posters, flyers, billboards, bus boards, door hangars) is – “Keep Your Neighborhood Safe.  Stop Gun Crime.”  All materials are printed in English and Spanish. 

Our campaign materials are designed specifically for Arizona communities.  They emphasize issues our communities face, feature real Arizonans, and are printed in both English and Spanish. 

Speak up training

We also provide Speak Up training programs in middle and high schools.  These are designed to show children and youth the dangers of guns and to encourage students to take responsibility and report, through anonymous hotlines, any potential violence, threats of violence or gun carrying in the schools.
To download our gun violence prevention posters, click on  the messages listed above. If you would like to have multiple posters sent to you, please fill out our contact form and let us know how many you would like in the comment box. We will contact you with information on mailing and costs.